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In a very surprising turn of events, Bas Rutten has quit The Pride Fighting Championships. Bas on his website said quote, “I quit Pride! I know, quite a shocker heh?” His other comments follow below.

Rutten has been a mainstay on the Pride broadcasts for years. He first teamed up with Stephen Quadros at Pride and worked with the “Fight Professor” for years with their first broadcast back in 2000 at the Pride Grand Prix. Quadros when asked about the situation said, “No comment.”

Damon Perry then worked with Bas for a short time and then later worked with play by play voice Mauro Ranallo on the Pride Pay Per View Broadcasts. Everyone has been shocked including Ranallo.

“Obviously I’m in shock. Bas is the reason why I’m in Pride and is one of my best friends. I’m very disappointed things couldn’t be worked out. Bas is as big of part of Pride as anyone or any fighter.” Ranallo told MMAWeekly.

Pride officially hasn’t made a statement with who will replace Bas or when the new person will takeover. They won’t have much time to decide as December 31st is only 11 days away and that will be Pride’s next big show which is traditionally the biggest show of the year.

Here are the some of Bas comments from his website

“I quit Pride! I know, quite a shocker eh?”

“Why would people say, it’s a dream job! You are absolutely right, it IS a dream job, and the Company is great, they have unbelievable fighters and unbelievable shows!”

“Of course this is not without a good reason, and just to make sure that there are NO misunderstandings, I am going to tell you a little bit of what happened. (Pay attention to the “little bit part”) If I don’t do this, people start speculating and rumors will get started and this way you hear it straight from me and not some gossip that people are going to make up.”

“First of all, I deal with people here in the States that work for Pride, so it’s NOT the fault of the people that work for Pride in Japan. The people in Japan are great people and the President Mr. Sakikabara is a very nice person and he and his staff has always been very good to me.”

“I came to the States to try to become an actor so I asked them if I could only do the Pride shows for next year, no more Bushido shows, because I already had said “NO” to three movies, all leads, and the reason for that was that I had to go to Japan all the time.”

“So I asked to do only the Pride shows and because the company grew so much, PLUS I really think that I did a good job and a lot of good work for Pride, I thought it was time for me, after 6 years of working for them, to ask for a raise. Well, here we go, the “very short version” out of respect that I have for the Company. The negotiations started, going back and forward, saying this, saying that, you know, the usual negotiations drills, and it resulted in me finding out that Frank Trigg is co-hosting the next “Pride FSN show”.”

“Wow!! Now NOT telling me that this was going to happen after everything that I did for them in the last 6 years?? That was something just unbelievable and that was right away the motivation behind my decision to quit. (Of course this is not the only reason, that’s why I said the “little bit”) If they would have at least called or emailed me to inform me that Frank was going to do it, I would have been OK with that, because there are many reasons that they can come up with for that. But doing this behind my back, I mean, don’t these same people here call me “The face of Pride?” No thank you! This is just NOT the way you treat people and trust me, surely not me!”

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