Bas Boon Believes Overeem Deal Will Help Pave the Way for More Golden Glory Fighters in Zuffa

September 8, 2011

Jon Olav Einemo

When the news came down a few weeks ago that Zuffa had severed ties with all of the fighters from Holland’s Team Golden Glory, several fighters, including Alistair Overeem, Marloes Coenen, and Jon Olav Einemo, lost their jobs.

UFC president Dana White declared that he was done doing business with the team due to the fact that they wanted the promotion to pay them directly, and then they would dole out pay to their athletes.

The contract dispute reached an impasse and ultimately the Team Golden Glory fighters were released.

Eventually, Zuffa sat back down with Bas Boon, the head of Team Golden Glory, and an agreement was reached for the UFC to add former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem to its roster.

The move signified a new relationship and understanding between the UFC and Golden Glory, but what about the other fighters that were previously under contract that now sit without jobs?

Well, Team Golden Glory leader Bas Boon believes that this is the opening that was needed, and now that Overeem is in the UFC, he’s confident that more deals can be reached in the future.

“I think it opened the doors again for all Golden Glory athletes as they deserve,” Boon told

Since their departure from Zuffa, only Overeem and former Strikeforce women’s champion Marloes Coenen have signed on with new promotions. Coenen reached a deal with Black Eye promotions and expects to make her debut with them in 2012.

The other released fighters including Einemo and Alistair Overeem’s brother Valentijn Overeem. Current Strikeforce fighter Sergei Kharitonov is also a Team Golden Glory fighter, but he was not released from his obligations when the axe fell.

Boon had no time table on when Golden Glory fighters might be able to negotiate with the UFC or Strikeforce, but Overeem’s deal seems to pave the way for more discussions in the future.

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