Bartimus Could Be In Line For Title Shot With Win

As the WEC event in Corpus Christi, TX fast approaches, Bart “Bartimus” Palaszewski is focused and ready to face tough lightweight competitor, Richard Crunkilton.

The bout is pivotal in the WEC’s growing lightweight division as either fighter could be seen as future contender in the division, but while champion Jamie Varner has said he would be honored to fight the former IFL stand-out it’s Palaszewski who is only looking at the fight directly in front of him.

“I’m not looking past Crunkilton right now but I am looking to get in and finish this fight” Bart said on the Suckerpunch Entertainment site. “Of course I’m looking for the KO but if it goes to the ground I may have to show my Team Curran BJJ.”

“I want to win this for my teammates and my family who have always supported me, I want to thank my sponsors as well, they have really stepped up for me in this fight and I don’t want to let them down.”

With a win, Bart may be in line for the title shot, although many believe that a rematch between Varner and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone could happen as soon as the champion is cleared to fight again after suffering multiple injuries in their last bout in January.

As for Bartimus, he’s ready to get “Crunk” and then he’ll worry about his title shot.

Bart Palaszewski will be a special guest tonight on MMAWeekly Radio to talk about the upcoming fight and the future of the WEC’s lightweight division. Also UFC newcomer, Ryan “The Lion” Madigan will stop by the show to talk about his fight against Tamdan McCrory at UFC 96.