by Ricardo Mendoza – MMAWeekly.com
Contrary to recent reports about Phil’s Baroni’s current fight status, MMAWeekly.com has confirmed through American Kickboxing Academy’s management team that he will indeed face Pancrase veteran Sanae Kikuta on World Victory Road’s debut show “Sengoku.”

The fledging Japanese fight promotion made the bout announcement on Friday, making it the first official bout in the young promotion’s history.

On Saturday, agent Ken Pavia said, “World Victory Road is a viable possibility, but we have several other offers on the table and we have to weigh all of our options to make sure that we make the correct move for Phil.”

Late Sunday night, MMAWeekly.com was told by a reliable Japanese source that Pavia had nothing to do with the negotiations between World Victory Road and Baroni concerning a fight deal. They insisted that Baroni’s management team at American Kickboxing Academy brokered the deal and that he will indeed fight for World Victory Road.

MMAWeekly.com confirmed with American Kickboxing Academy owner Javier Mendez that the management team there has indeed brokered the deal on behalf of Baroni. He also stated that part of brokering the deal includes the fighter’s return to American Kickboxing Academy as his full-time fight team in preparation for his bout with Kikuta on March 5.