by Scott Petersen, picture Courtesy K-1
Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig wasn’t part of the tourney last night in the K-1 World Max Finals but he was one of the Superfights aginst Ramon Dekker out of Holland. Dekker who is with the Rings Holland organization had Semmy Schiltz in his corner as he came to face the “Bang”.

In front of the largest crowd in K-1 World Max history, 17,720 in attendance. The two went to battle but it just didn’t look to be Ludwig’s night. Ludwig was slow to the start and seemed hesitant in the first round. But Dekker was there to bang and he sent Ludwig to the mat every round for three rounds. The last knockdown sent Ludwig on a loop as he used as much of the count to recover as possible. Ludwig came on more aggresive in the final round, but it wasn’t enough. Ramon Dekker got the win by unanimous decision.