BAMMA 5 Weigh-in Results and Pics: Paul Daley and Ricco Rodriguez Miss Weight

Venue issues hampered an otherwise smooth running BAMMA weigh-in process when the fighter hotel managed to switch off the sauna, forcing a mass exodus of depleted fighters to a new venue to continue with their cuts.

There were several casualties in the process with Paul Daley failing to make weight within the extended time scale and coming in at a final weight of 170.4 pounds. His opponent, Yuya Shirai, had no such issues, coming in 0.4 pounds under the championship limit.

The fight itself will still go ahead, but with a revised format, namely a non-title fight contested over three rounds.

Interestingly, the U.K. is an unsanctioned country and doesn’t have a governing body, but for consistency, BAMMA and the UFC both opt to implement the Unified Rules criteria that states such as Nevada and New Jersey follow, and as such, the one pound allowance doesn’t apply to title fights.

Another casualty of the sauna debacle is import fighter Ricco Rodriguez who came in at 217 pounds, which is two pounds over the contracted catchweight of 215 pounds that was agreed to between himself and former UFC fighter James McSweeney.

Acknowledging the situation, Rodriguez apologized in person the Briton and now both fighters’ managers are resolving the situation regarding fight purse penalties.

BAMMA 5 Weigh-in Results:

Main Bouts
-Paul Daley (170.4) vs Yuya Shirai (169.6)
-Ricco Rodriguez (217) vs James McSweeney (214.6)
-Alex Makhonin (182.6) vs Xavier Foupa-Pokam (185.4)
-Claudio Henrique Da Silva (186.5) vs Jean-Francois Lenogue (185)

Preliminary Bouts
-Leeroy Barnes (170.6) vs Mohsen Bahari (169.6)
-Rob Mills (170.2) vs Leigh Cohoon (169)
-Jason Ball (155.8) vs Peter Duncan (152.4)
-Paul Cook (170) vs Michael Johnson (170.6)
-Tim Newman (155.2) vs Diego Vital (155)
-Costas Doru (155.2) vs Liam James (155.4)
-Franky Slater (154.4) vs Jeremy Petley (155.8)