BAMMA 5: Paul Daley Apologizes for Missing Weight, Promises To Redeem Himself on Saturday

Paul Daley

As BAMMA 5 approaches tomorrow, the main event hit a bump in the road when main event fighter Paul Daley missed weight turning his 5 round title fight against Yuya Shirai into a 3 round non-title fight.

The British heavy hitter was not happy with missing weight and issued the following statement following the BAMMA events on Friday. He also included a special message to Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz as well.

“I apologize to Shirai and the fans for missing weight,” Daley said. “Although the fight is 3 rounds now I only need 1 round to knock him out. The fans come to see me win the title but I promise them, title or not, I’ll win this fight and win it in style.

“Then I’m going after Diaz and I want to send him out the message that I mean business with my performance tomorrow night.”

The weight cutting bug also bit former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez, who failed to cut to the 215lb catchweight limit agreed to with his opponent James McSweeney.

Penalties will be held against Rodriguez’s purse for the infraction, but McSweeney holds no ill will towards his opponent, knowing he tried to make the weight cut.

“It doesn’t really irritate me,” McSweeney said. “If he didn’t even try to make weight that would be disrespectful, but you can see he’s really tried. I think he’s had a long time to make weight and he hasn’t done it.”

While England doesn’t technically have sanctioning, BAMMA follows the same rules and regulations that promotions like the UFC hold when they come to the U.K. thus the fight between Daley and Shirai being made a non-title affair due to the Brit missing weight.

BAMMA Director Ashley Bothwell still promises a great show, but also recognizes that to have a good promotion, rules have to be followed.

“BAMMA 5 is still going to be as explosive as anticipated, obviously Paul now has a lot to prove to the fans,” Bothwell said. “Even though our fights are in an unregulated country, we’ve made the decision that this will not be a title fight because we adhere to the unified rules of this great sport. Regardless of what’s happened today, tomorrow night we’ll still blow the roof off the MEN Arena.”

The event will take place in England, but fans from around the world can purchase the online pay-per-view by visiting BAMMA’s website as well.