Ballsy Luke Rockhold Calls Out Jon Jones for Grappling Match

December 12, 2016

I guess you can’t blame Luke Rockhold for calling out guys for grappling matches.

I mean, it’s not like he can get knocked out again.

Come on, Luke. Shouldn’t you be catching a wave or nursing that torn ACL instead?

I mean do you really want any part of Jon Jones, whether it be a grappling match, MMA match, or probably even a game of marbles? One of Jones’ left-handed elbows probably hurts more than one of Michael Bisping’s right hands, and we all know how that turned out.

Be careful, Luke. Jones, who submitted Dan Henderson over the weekend, might leave the grappling match with a victory, your gi, Demi Lovato, your surfboard, your wristwatch, your left arm, and your most prized possession, Cain Velasquez, because as we all know you “train with Cain.”

Will it happen? Oh, let’s hope so.That tiger that Rockhold once fondled is totally rooting for Jones.

Perhaps Rockhold should challenge Jones to a driving contest, since we know Jones apparently has some issues with driving safely. As long as Rockhold doesn’t have to slam on the brakes and accidentally hit his chin against the steering wheel, he should be OK.

You can watch Jones’ grappling skills from over the weekend below. 

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