Bad Boy Junie Browning Explains His Antics, Apologizes to Frank Mir

Junie Browning was the thorn in everyone’s side on season eight of The Ultimate Fighter. He was the instigator, the reactor, the gnat that buzzes in your ear…

After the show was over, many of the other fighters came forward saying that Junie planned to play the bad boy role well before he ever made it to the fighter house.

In a report by Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press, Krzysztof Soszynski said, “To be honest with you, he did everything for show. It was a whole joke to him. Basically he told me the very first day we met – and before our fights to get into the house – he basically said ‘If I get into this house, I’m going to be the crazy guy.'”

Efrain Escudero and Ryan Bader echoed Soszynski’s statements, but Phillipe Nover only partially agreed. In Davidson’s report, Nover said, “He was definitely trying (to be the bad boy) and he was… It’s a reality TV show and your true colors will show. Especially after a week or two of being in the house. You can’t fake an act for a month straight. He definitely showed his true colors. He was a crazy maniac type of kid.”

After he defeated Dave Kaplan by armbar on Saturday night, Junie himself was asked about his “act” on the show by UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan.

“It wasn’t all planned. It was just more the fact that I didn’t let the cameras dictate the way I was going to act,” Browning said about his behavior on the show. “Somebody messed with me, I just snapped. If I’m going to get pissed, I might as well make it entertaining.”

Taking the show as a learning lesson, Browning has obviously grown up since the filming finished. He even offered an apology to former coach, Frank Mir, who has been openly critical of his former student on the show in recent weeks.

“I gave (Frank) Mir a hard time on the show. I just want to apologize to everybody, everyone watching and stuff,” said Browning. “Mir was actually an awesome coach. It was more my fault. I don’t think I would have put up with myself either. I apologize to Mir and the rest of Mir’s team, they were awesome coaches.”