Awwww, Mick Foley Gets All Dad-Like for CM Punk in Video Ahead of UFC 203

September 10, 2016

CM Punk may be a 4-1 underdog against Mickey Gall at UFC 203, but he still has a lot of fans rooting for him, and one of those is Mick Foley, the king of hardcore, the master of the thumbtacks and the lion of skydiving off of cages into tables.

Yes, the man known as Cactus Jack, Dude Love and Mankind, is pulling for the Punkster in his UFC debut. He shows his love for his fellow professional wrestler in this video posted on Facebook.

“Nothing is certain in life, or the UFC, but if there is one thing I would bet on is that win, lose or draw, you will leave absolutely everything you have out there, inside the Octagon. I am proud of you and I know you are going to do great. Best of luck, buddy.”

Wow, Foley is going all dad-like with Punk.

Actually, if you get the endorsement of Foley, it pretty much means you are a tough, legitimate guy. Foley himself has a reputation for being one of the toughest men in wrestling history.

If he believes in Punk, why shouldn’t we?

Punk will face Mickey Gall at UFC 203 Saturday night, in a fight that has polarized the fight game. Can and should a professional wrestler be allowed to just debut with no MMA experience inside the UFC? Well, it’s happening, and Punk made weight, so look out. It’s Clobbering Time.

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