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UFC Featured on FOX News Channel

Jun 29, 2005NoNo Comments945 Views

The UFC once hired Carmen Elektra and former Playboy model Lisa Dergan (above) to have people take notice. Now the UFC has gained in

Wanderlei Speaks on MMAWeekly TV

Jun 29, 2005NoNo Comments918 Views

Can anybody beat Wanderlei Silva? Maybe his teammate can. Listen to Silva talk about what would happen if he fought Shogun on MMAWeekly

UFC On Spike TV: Unleashed

Jun 29, 2005NoNo Comments1270 Views

Spike TV has fully gotten behind the UFC for upcoming programming. Check out the busy schedule starting in a couple of weeks.

Peter Aerts Makes MMA Debut

Jun 29, 2005NoNo Comments1184 Views

The upcoming Hero's card should be very interesting as we will see the debut of K-1 superstar Peter Aerts in MMA. Bob Sapp, the

Ken Shamrock Talks Couture Fight, New Lion&...

Jun 29, 2005NoNo Comments2414 Views

MMA Legend Ken Shamrock talked about fighting Randy Couture, forming the new Lion's Den, and more...

New Matches Added For Bushido 8

Jun 29, 2005NoNo Comments916 Views

Pride announced new matches for the upcoming Bushido show including Kimo...

Pride Bushido 8 Official Card

Jun 29, 2005NoNo Comments915 Views

The official fight card and fight order has been announced for the upcoming Pride Bushido 8 card...

ROTR: K-1 Eight Man Tournament

Jun 28, 2005NoNo Comments1014 Views

MMAWeekly has learned the eight man tournament that is being proposed for the upcoming show ROTR-K-1 supershow as well.

Falling From Grace

Jun 27, 2005NoNo Comments1171 Views

Kazushi Sakuraba suffers a devastating loss and where does he go from here?

Sakakibara Talks Fedor vs Cro Cop

Jun 27, 2005NoNo Comments1077 Views

Sakakibara talks about the possibility of Cro Cop vs Fedor fight.

Pride GP Semi-Finals: Think Outside The Box...

Jun 27, 2005NoNo Comments971 Views

Pride's Middleweight Grand Prix is now down to the final four. With three Brazilians and a Dutchman, how will the final four matchup?

Cabbage vs Goodridge In K-1

Jun 27, 2005NoNo Comments957 Views has learned that Cabbage will return to the fight game taking on Gary Goodridge in K-1 on July 29th...

UFC 52 PPV Buy Numbers

Jun 27, 2005NoNo Comments1086 Views

The initial numbers are back for UFC 52 pay per view buys featuring Liddell vs Couture...

XFO Results This Weekend

Jun 26, 2005NoNo Comments1237 Views

Complete XFO results… Justin Hutter def. Terry Davinney, :55, armbar. Robert Hitte def. Mike Fouke, 2:10, ref stoppage due to strikes. Reese Shaner def. Chris

RSS Feed Available Now On

Jun 25, 2005NoNo Comments9160 Views

We are happy to announce that can now offer RSS feeds to everyone.

Trigg’s Take On Alistair vs Igor

Jun 24, 2005NoNo Comments2003 Views

Frank Trigg, breaks down the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix match up between Alistair Overeem and Igor Vovchanchyn. Trigg's in-depth expert analysis is exclusive to


Jun 24, 2005NoNo Comments833 Views

Time to make your way to the new Photo Gallery. MMAWeekly's Scott Petersen is in Japan to cover the Pride Grand Prix. Today

Spike TV Ready To Launch Show On July 25th

Jun 24, 2005NoNo Comments916 Views

Spike TV has annoucned that it will officialy air the fights you did not see for the season finale of the Ultimate Fighter in July.

Palaszewski Guida Title Fight Crowd Pleaser

Jun 24, 2005NoNo Comments1058 Views

Palaszewski-Guida title fight promises to please Chicago fans

Trigg’s Take On Alistair vs Igor

Jun 24, 2005NoNo Comments1671 Views

Frank Trigg, breaks down the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix match up between Alistair Overeem and Igor Vovchanchyn. Trigg's in-depth expert analysis is exclusive to

IFC Rock N Rumble In Reno

Jun 23, 2005NoNo Comments1158 Views


Valor Fighting Presents Medford Mayhem

Jun 23, 2005NoNo Comments2434 Views

Valor Fighting present Medford Mayhem on July 16th featuring Vernon "Tiger" White and Dennis "Superman" Hallman.


Jun 22, 2005NoNo Comments1117 Views

In another MMAWeekly exclusive, the CEO and President of the new Fight Network, Mike Garrow goes one on one with the CEO of MMAWeekly.

More On Season II Of The Ultimate Fighter

Jun 21, 2005NoNo Comments1012 Views

What changes will you see for Season II of the Ultimate Fighter? has you clued in.

Superbrawl Press Conference: Lawler vs Vita...

Jun 17, 2005NoNo Comments1051 Views

On Thursday from beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, SuperBrawl head a press conference to promote Niko Vitale vs Robbie Lawler....

Live On Spike TV: Ultimate Fight Night, Aug...

Jun 16, 2005NoNo Comments1613 Views

LIVE ON SPIKE TV - ULTIMATE FIGHTER AUGUST 6TH (features guys from Season 1 of TUF)

UFC 54: August 20th at the MGM Grand in Las...

Jun 16, 2005NoNo Comments978 Views

UFC 54 - August 20th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Fickett Makes Return At UFC 54

Jun 15, 2005NoNo Comments1071 Views has learned that Drew Fickett will most likely be the new opponent for Josh Neer at the next UFC on August 20th.

Fedor Talks Injury And Future

Jun 14, 2005NoNo Comments1740 Views

How is Fedor's hand and when will he fight again? He tells all on his website

K-1 Legend Makes MMA Debut

Jun 14, 2005NoNo Comments1076 Views

K-1 legend Peter Aerts will make his MMA debut next month. He will participate in the Hero's show on July 6th.