Aung La N Sang is Finally Hitting His Stride Heading into CFFC 23 Headliner

April 11, 2013

Aung La N SangThough he’s nearly a decade into his fight career, Crazy 88 BJJ fighter Aung “Burmese Python” La N Sang feels like he’s just now hitting his stride.

Following back-to-back wins to close out last year, Aung told that he’s put in work to develop his game even further as he readies for his first fight of 2013.

“I’m still in the growing phase, getting comfortable, developing my skillset,” said Aung. “Even though I’ve been fighting for eight years now, I feel like I’m just starting to get comfortable.

“I felt like (2012) was good, but it could be improved. I started the year at a different weight class, and things finally came together at the end. I’ve worked hard to develop my individual game, so there should be a big difference in this next fight.”

Aung was originally supposed to make his return to the Cage Fury Fighting Championships promotion earlier this year, but a broken nose sidelined him. Back in good health, he’s looking forward to making a big showing against Kyle “Alley Cat” Baker in the evening’s main event on Friday in Valley Forge, Penn.

“I know what kind of fighter Kyle is. He’s a tough guy who hangs in there, but I’ve got to go in there and impose my game plan,” said Aung.

“There’s no position that he can beat me at. If it were a jiu-jitsu match or a wrestling match, there’s no way he could beat me. There’s no single game in MMA he can beat me. I don’t feel like he can keep up with my pace.”

Having secured a multi-fight contract with the CFFC, Aung is looking to become a champion and defend his title against the type of opposition that can take his game to the next level.

“Getting wins in these three (contracted) fights is very important,” said Aung. “We’re looking for the opportunity to fight at that (championship) caliber. It’s not going to happen overnight, but we’re really focused on getting my skillset to where I can challenge and take out guys at that level.

“I have a lot of faith in my Crazy 88 team. It’s still a young team, and we’re not really well-known as far as MMA goes, but I have all of my faith in this team so I’m in a very good place, and it’s only going to be a matter of time.”

If taking his game to the next level isn’t enough motivation for Aung, he’s also fighting to help provide support for his tribe in his native Burma, which is experiencing the world’s current longest-running civil war.

Aung La N Sang T-Shirt“I’m still fighting for the cause in Burma and I’m still fighting for the Kachin refugees,” said Aung. “A big portion of the proceeds of my walk-out shirts goes towards the refugees in Burma.

“You can go to my website at (and find the shirt in the Merchandise section). It’s still really bad in Burma and it’s my tribe of people being attacked, so donating proceeds is the least I can do.”

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