by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
The success of fighters such as Joe Soto have helped catapult the Nor Cal Fighting Alliance back in the spotlight after team leader David Terrell’s exit from the UFC a couple years back.

The spotlight does not solely shine on the reigning Bellator featherweight champion however, as there are other up-and-coming fighters on the team quickly making a name for themselves.

Among the young talent on the rise at Nor Cal is David Mitchell, who after his most recent victory at the debut show for Tachi Palace Fights earlier this month, is now looking to step up to the next level.

“Yeah that was the plan,” said Mitchell to MMAWeekly.com on his decision to face former Ultimate Fighter 6 cast member War Machine. “I was undefeated, 7-0, so it was time to step up and take better fights.

“I’m extremely pleased to get a win over a solid, well-known guy like that. I’m going to train harder and start moving up the ladder, start making some money and get my name out there.”

As glad as he is to have successfully made the move up in competition, Mitchell is still critical of how he fought.

“I was pleased to pick up the win, but I was definitely disappointed in my performance,” he admitted. “There’s always things I can do to get better, but a win’s a win, and I’ll take it.”

For much of the fight Mitchell was on his back, but still managed to pull out the win by controlling the action from a position that disadvantages a lot of fighters.

“The guy didn’t have strong top game,” he stated of War Machine. “He was very exhausted during the fight. He was yelling things to his corner like, ‘I’m too tired, don’t talk to me,’ so I knew he was starting to wear down.

“I neutralized his top game, tried to get some damage in and I guess the judges appreciated it and I got the win.”

While Mitchell earned the split decision victory, there was a moment where the outcome wasn’t so clear.

“You leave it in the judges’ hands you don’t know what’s going to happen either way,” he commented. “I just held my hands up at the end of the fight because I went in there, never gave up, and fought a hard fight against a super tough guy.”

With a perfect 8-0 record, it could be easy for Mitchell to begin calling out fighters, looking to force an opportunity, but like many of his teammates, he’s willing to be patient and let the fights come to him.

“I might be able to get something in later this year,” he stated. “Basically, I’m a fighter, Tom Call is my manager, and David Terrell is my coach, so I let them handle (the business side of things). I just come to fight.”

As part of the Cesar Gracie school of fight teams, the Nor Cal Fighting Alliance has a bright future thanks in part to fighters like Mitchell, who show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

“I’d like to thank Tiger Rose Tattoo, Fairtex, AdapTx Labs and Dethroned,” he said in closing. “The support I have around me is huge.

“With the Nor Cal Fighting Alliance I think you’re going to see some big things from us in the future. I don’t think you’ve seen nearly the best David Mitchell yet. I can get much better and I’m going to bring it in my next fight.”