Assault Charges Against Jason “Mayhem” Miller Simply Rumor, Videographer Denies Claim

December 15, 2010

Jason "Mayhem" Miller

Jason "Mayhem" Miller

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Recent reports indicated that Strikeforce middleweight and MTV’s “Bully Beatdown” host Jason “Mayhem” Miller may have assault charges filed against him for a physical altercation involving a videographer named Michael Mardones, otherwise known in the MMA industry as “Layzie the Savage.”

Mardones recently spoke about the situation and confirmed that no such charges will be filed against the former middleweight title contender. In addition, he explained that he never intended on filing said charges.

“It was all talk, it was all rumors,” Mardones told “I didn’t have any idea what I wanted. I was still in shock, to be honest.

“No one is (expletive) pressing charges!”

The rumored assault charges stemmed from a recent confrontation Miller had with Mardones at Kings MMA in Huntington Beach, Calif. Miller was in attendance to receive his jiu-jitsu black belt from Master Rafael Cordeiro, the owner of the mixed martial arts facility. Footage of the altercation was circulated just days ago.

In and around the time he was to receive his belt, Miller spotted Mardones – an open supporter of Nick Diaz and other Team Cesar Gracie members – and began to push the videographer out the doors of the facility, telling him to “get the (expletive) out” of the gym.

Mardones had made comments to Miller via the popular social media outlet Twitter, where he taunted the fighter about a fight with Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz and how the contest will not happen. Miller apparently didn’t find the taunting as humorous as Mardones thought.

As many may know, there has been a heated rivalry between “Mayhem” Miller and the Cesar Gracie camp for some time now. The most notable event between Miller and Team Cesar Gracie was in the moments after Jake Shields defeated Dan Henderson at Strikeforce: Nashville in April of this year. Miller entered the cage during Shields’ post-fight interview and questioned the evening’s victor about a rematch from their fight in November of 2009. The interview quickly went from comical to disastrous when Miller and several members of Shields’ corner, which included Nick Diaz, began a physical altercation.

Miller has openly talked about his ambition to fight Diaz, and while a match-up in 2011 is a possibility, no solid plans have been made to pair the two in the near future. While Miller feels he deserves a shot at the Strikeforce welterweight champion, Team Cesar Gracie adamantly disagrees with “Mayhem’s” assessment of the situation.

In a recent release, explained that, “as the Strikeforce champion, Nick Diaz will fight at other weight classes, but only against relevant contenders and champions not irrelevant non-contenders.”

It is clear this rivalry will continue to boil as time passes. Until Nick Diaz and Jason Miller are paired for a sanctioned fight, the verbal back and forth will likely continue.