Aspen Ladd Fight Cancelled After Troubling UFC Vegas 38 Weigh-in | Video

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise if you caught any bit of Aspen Ladd weighing in on Friday morning … her fight with Macy Chiasson has been canceled due to her weight miss UFC officials have confirmed.

The issues arose when Ladd, the last fighter on the card left to make weight, arrived fully dressed and stepped on the scales at 141 pounds for her 135-pound fight. She then removed her clothing and stepped on the scale with the blackout curtain surrounding her. Only she then weighed in at 131 pounds which raised red flags. She was asked to raise her hands so that the commission could see she was not leaning on the curtain and trying to manipulate the scale.

She was unable to do so and requested that she keep her hands down saying that she was on her menstrual cycle and was worried her tampon might come out. The commission advised her she had to. She crossed her legs and tried to lift her arms but was unable to do so.

You can watch the whole thing in the videos below.

They briefly took her off the scales while the UFC searched for a towel to cover the front portion in case there was an accident. Ladd was still unable to hold her arms up without her whole body shaking. Eventually, they were able to get her to hold her hands up long enough to get an accurate reading and called 137 pounds, one pound over.

Ladd’s coach confronted the commission telling them they should not have asked for her to lift her arms as she could have fallen and said other fighters using the curtain have not been asked to do the same thing. The commission explained the rules again.

Eventually, the fight was called off. This is not the first time Ladd has had trouble on the scales.