As His Career Starts to Wind Down, Josh Koscheck is All About the Money and Big Fights

October 18, 2011

As Josh Koscheck works to negotiate a new contract with the UFC, the former Ultimate Fighter competitor is starting to look towards his career winding down.

Now that’s not to say Koscheck is retiring tomorrow or after his next three fights, but he does see the end approaching and so his goal right now is to get involved in the biggest fights possible and make the most money before his fighting days are over.

“I don’t have much longer in this career and at this point I want to take big fights, big names, and sell the hell out of the fight and go in there and perform and win,” Koscheck told recently.

Speaking very honestly about his standing in the welterweight division, Koscheck knows that as long as Georges St-Pierre is champion, he’s not likely to get a third shot at the belt, having lost to the Canadian twice already.

“I don’t see myself fighting for the title any time soon unless Georges loses,” Koscheck stated. “Would you guys want to see a third GSP/Koscheck fight right away? I mean, I’m down for it don’t get me wrong, but that’s a tough sell for the UFC.”

So what is Koscheck looking for at this stage of his career?

“I’m trying to get paid,” said Koscheck. “I’m working to renegotiate my contract right now. That’s probably why I’m not fighting in San Jose (at UFC 139), but it will all work out. Speak with the UFC in the next couple of weeks and get a new contract and I’ll fight wherever they want me to fight.

“I’m a money fighter; I’m about making money.”

Prior to accepting a fight on short notice with UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes at UFC 135, Koscheck had been flirting with the idea of taking a fight at middleweight. Truth be told, Koscheck is open to fight at any weight the UFC puts on the contract as long as the dollar signs are showing up in the right places as well.

“I’ll fight 185, I’ll fight 205, I’ll fight heavyweight if I’m getting paid enough. I don’t care who I fight. I just like to fight, it’s what I do,” said Koscheck.

With his contract negotiations still ongoing, Koscheck is likely sitting out the rest of 2011, but is intent on getting involved in the biggest fights possible once 2012 rolls around.

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