Arthur Estrazulas: ‘I’m ready to take the belt’ in LFA 95 main event

November 20, 2020

Following a win over Steve Kozola at LFA 69 in June of 2019, it was over a year before lightweight Arthur Estrazulas would step back into the cage with a victory over Dominic Clark at LFA 86 this past July.

For Estrazulas, the time off caused by the novel coronavirus lockdown didn’t affect him as much as it did others, and he was able to keep the ball rolling on his career.

“To be honest, for me (the lockdown) was not as bad,” Estrazulas told “Me and my team we kept together and kept grinding.

“In my whole career if I didn’t have a fight I kept training and grinding, so it doesn’t affect me at all. I just kept training, and I was for sure really happy when the LFA came back and the other shows too.”

With a fight under his belt this year to help him gauge where he’s at with his game, Estrazulas believes the 2020 version of himself as good as it has been, but it’s by no means his endgame.

“I’m in the best shape ever, but I still have too many things to accomplish and I’m far away from where I can really be,” said Estrazulas. “To be honest right now the last two years I have a kind of different vision of fighting; strength and conditioning, cardio, technical things; I feel like real blessed right now on all points.”

On Friday in Park City, Kansas, Estrazulas (12-4) will look to add a title to his resume when he faces Nick Browne (10-1) in the 155-pound championship main event of LFA 95.

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“He’s a guy who moves forward, is not afraid to grapple, he’s not afraid to scrap, so it’s a great match for me,” Estrazulas said of Browne. “Everything that I normally do I tried to do almost double because I’m ready for five rounds. Besides that I’m always grinding. That’s something I want to do in this fight is push hard from the beginning.

“To be honest, since my last fight I was asking (LFA President) Ed Soares so much about this championship fight that for me it doesn’t matter who I’m going to fight, I’m just ready to take that belt. The last couple of weeks I’ve just trained so hard, and somebody’s going to have to pay for this, and it’s going to be this guy.”

For Estrazulas winning an LFA title could be the thing he needs to get him to the next stage of his career, so he’s going to put it all on the line Friday night and try to make that goal a reality.

“I was just talking about that with my friend, telling him that I’m always ready for a war, for a battle, but at the same time he told me something that get in my mind, that I deserve to be in the UFC, so don’t go in there and just do a regular fight, go in there and cut the head off (Browne),” said Estrazulas.

“Show that you belong to the other class, and that’s really what I want to do there. Striking or grappling, it doesn’t matter, I’m going there to finish the fight and hopefully get a call from the UFC.”