Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Conor McGregor One of the Greatest Athletes of All Time

UFC Fight Night Dublin Weigh in

It’s not a toomah. It’s one of the greatest athletes of all time, according to The Terminator.

In this interview with, Arnold Schwarzenegger is asked what he thinks of UFC featherweight title challenger Conor McGregor. The answer he gives might be something you find a bit premature.

“Uhhhhhhhhh, Conor is, is, uhhhhhhh, one of the greatest athlete probably of all times.”

The greatest already? That was quick.

OK, Conor is fun as hell to watch, an elegant master of ceremonies when he’s put in front of a mic, and the reason more people have been drawn to the UFC featherweight division than ever before, but the greatest of all time? The GOAT? We’ll let y’all voice your opinion about that in the comment section, but check out the interview below with the Kindergarten Cop himself.

To the footage!

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