Arlovski/Sylvia From The Cutting Room Floor

MMAWeekly’s recent video interview of Andre Arlovski proved his feud with Tim Sylvia is not quite over.

A few minutes into the conversation, Arlovski referred to the man that took his UFC crown as a “pee-pee taster,” an homage of sorts to an earlier quip he made in July to MMARated. When asked how he felt about Sylvia getting cozy with ex-girlfriend Patrycja Mikula, he posed this question to “the Maine-iac”: “How’s taste my big pee-pee?”

Well, that wasn’t all he said.

It was about halfway into the interview when Arlovski was asked how he would succeed where Tim Sylvia failed.

As soon as Arlovski heard the word Sylvia, his body tightened and his face turned to a scowl.

“First of all, Tim Sylvia and Andre Arlovski is something personal,” Arlovski said. “He start all this bullshit, and honestly, I don’t even want to talk about Tim Sylvia. He’s like, I don’t respect him. For me, he’s nobody, he’s piece of shit, and I don’t respect him like a fighter and I can’t respect him like a man. Because he has a big mouth, and honestly, piece of shit and Tim Sylvia, for me, is the same.”

Steering Arlovski back to the question proved somewhat fruitful. When it was clarified Sylvia faced Emelianenko and was defeated quickly, Arlovski tried to get back on track.

“He faced Fedor and had a great opportunity back in July in the first Affliction, and he just got beat,” he continued. “That’s it. First of all, Tim Sylvia doesn’t have great trainers like I have. And I’m not sure that he train like I train. Yeah, he’s a fighter, he was a five-time UFC champion, he beat me twice, and it’s the most worst part. I’m sure I will show different fight.”

With that subject out of the way, Arlovski went back to the subject at hand–beating Fedor.

But seriously, these two may need to work things out in ring sometime soon.

Watch’s video interview with Andrei Arlovski.