Arlovski Outclasses Eilers

Andrei Arlovski and Justin Eilers at UFC 53

Andrei Arlovski and Justin Eilers at UFC 53

Great champions, beat who they are supposed to beat. It would’

ve been very easy for Andrei Arlovski to overlook Justin Eilers. The Pit Bull was coming off demonstrative wins over Vladimir Matyushenko, Cabbage Correira , and Tim Sylvia.

For just over four minutes, the interim champion was peppering Eilers with jabs, overhand rights and lefts, as well as inside leg kicks. While Arlovski didn’t get the knockout win like most people thought because of a freak accident to Eilers knee… was clear
who the best fighter was in the Octagon this weekend.

His name IS Andrei Arlovski. The man from Belarus, made Eilers look slow in the stand up exchanges as there was no doubt who would win the fight. During the pay per view broadcast, Mike Goldberg made reference that with this latest win by Arlovski, it
would set a showdown between him and Frank Mir for October. Now there is still now word whether or not Mir will be ready to go for an undisputed fight, however you would think if they would take the liberty to promote the match for October, that all parties
involved believe it could happen.

Where does Arlovski rank in the world among UFC and Pride Heavyweights? Probably close to the top. While it may be a for gone conclusion that Pride has the best heavyweights in the world according to most MMA insiders, Arlovski continues to improve and has stamped his name as one of the best in not only the UFC, but the world in MMA.