Press Release
Imperia Entertainment Casts Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei “The Pit-Bull” Arlovski in Principal Role for MMA Movie; Fighter is a Top PPV Draw in UFC

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Imperia Entertainment, Inc. (Pink Sheets:IPEI) President James Hergott announced today that MMA superstar and former Ultimate Fighting Championship World Heavyweight title holder Andrei “The Pit-Bull” Arlovski (www.arlovski.tv) has been cast for a principal role as Nikolai Kruzhalov, a Russian fighter, in the new Imperia feature film set in the sport of mixed martial arts, entitled, “Never Submit.”

“Besides being the former UFC world heavyweight champ, Arlovski ranks very high as a fan favorite. It is reported his website receives about 2.5 million hits each month and that he is a high-ranked UFC pay-per-view draw in North America. It’s no secret UFC PPVs have generated up to $30 million for a single event, so that shows you what kind of branding power the name Andrei Arlovski carries,” said James Hergott, Imperia President as well as writer and director of “Never Submit.”

Hergott adds, “Arlovski expressed great interest in being a part of this film and showed up to his audition the same way he shows up for a fight; well-prepared and a force to be reckoned with. Arlovski was in character, knew his lines and impressed the casting panel by delivering the dialog in both English and Russian. Arlovski’s display of physical skills was equally impressive. Spectators anticipating his arrival showed up earlier than Arlovski’s unannounced private audition, just to get a glimpse of their local icon and hero. Arlovski is regarded as one of the world’s most complete MMA fighters and his many talents definitely exceed what the fans see inside the famed UFC Octagon. I have no doubt casting Andrei Arlovski for a principal role in `Never Submit’ is going to elevate this film to another level because not only is he one of the top rated fighters on the planet, his acting abilities are quite notable.”

Arlovski will face off against Marcio “Pe De Pano” Cruz on December 30, 2006. There is speculation among fans that a victory against Cruz could lead to a shot at the UFC World Heavyweight Championship title. Early reports tout the December 30th card will make history by breaking live gate records as well as PPV buys estimated to exceed one million orders.

Kenneth Eade, Imperia Chairman and Executive Producer of ‘Never Submit,’ comments, “Imperia will be using a combination of champion UFC, Pride FC and other associations’ fighters in conjunction with professional actors in ‘Never Submit.’ Pride Fighting Championships superstars Wanderlei ‘The Axe Murderer’ Silva and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua have already been cast. When you consider the fact that a PPV audience combined with live gate receipts for the monthly fight cards themselves is generating revenue as high as $30-million per event, and you factor in the premise that a sizeable percentage of PPV spectators will potentially pay the cost of a ten dollar ticket to see ‘Never Submit,’ that creates the potential for up to millions of dollars in theatrical revenue alone.”