by Tom Hamlin – MMAWeekly.com

Affliction heavyweight Andrei
Arlovski says his fight with Roy Nelson didn’t work out the way he planned, but
everything turned out okay.


A staunch perfectionist,
Arlovski recently watched the fight at EliteXC’s “Heat” and saw a lot of
mistakes. A call from his famed boxing trainer, Freddie Roach, confirmed that.


“Freddie called me after the
fight and said, ‘congratulations, but you have to use more (of) your hands,'” he said in a recent
video interview with MMAWeekly.com
. “He wasn’t happy 100 percent, same
reason as me. I already saw my fight and saw I did a lot of mistakes and I have
a lot of work to do in the boxing gym and jiu-jitsu and wrestling.”


Nelson was first out of the
gate, reversing a takedown and working for a Kimura. For a minute, the former
UFC heavyweight champ looked helpless. Much has been made of the ensuing
standup in the first, but Arlovski maintains it is standard operating procedure
for refereeing.


“Before the fight we had a
meeting with the ref and he said, so guys – and the UFC have the same and
Affliction – you have 30 seconds to improve your position,” he said. “So
I was pretty comfortable, I knew that I am safe. He was on top of me, but I
controlled the situation.”


A fast flurry of hands was
Arlovski’s ticket to victory, as it usually is. In the post-fight press
conference, Nelson said he wanted a re-match. Arlovski says it’s up to
Affliction, but it’s “no problem.”


Arlovski expects to know what
the future holds for him in the next week. Many have speculated that the
EliteXC fight would determine Fedor Emelianenko’s next opponent. It doesn’t
matter to “The Pitbull” – he’ll take Emelianenko or Josh Barnett.


“Like I said before, if you
want to be the best, you have to fight the best fighters,” he said. “Obviously,
he’s the best fighter right now. Nobody (has) beat him yet, so of course I want
to fight Fedor, or Josh Barnett. They’re both tough, they’re both great
fighters. It’s up to Affliction. If my next fight will
be against Fedor, great. Against Josh, same thing.”


Arlvoski will return to the
gym next week after relaxing in Vegas this weekend. If he fights Fedor on
Affliction’s January card, there will be a lot to perfect.


“I have to improve my
boxing,” he said. “I want to strike with him, but I have to be ready for clinch,
for wrestling, for jiu-jitsu, so I have a lot of work to do.”