As mixed martial arts continues to grow in both popularity and acceptance across North America, APEX Championship Fighting has announced that they have struck a deal to air their Evolution event on The Sports Network in Canada.

Evolution originally occurred on June 10th featuring a main event of Luigi Fioravanti vs. Stephan Potvin. The event will air in three installments on TSN beginning on July 29.

APEX Championship Fighting is one of the newest promotions in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec. The Sports Network is Canada’s premier sports network.

Following is the broadcast schedule for APEX: Evolution on TSN as provided by APEX Championship Fighting:

Show #1 — Saturday July 29th (10:00PM PST/1:00AM EST)
Eric Beaulieu vs Dan “Bighouse” Grandmaison
John Mahlow vs Tyler “TNT” Jackson
Brent Beauparlant vs Jason Cecil
Wagnney Fabiano vs Bao Quach

Show #2 — Saturday August 5th (9:30PM PST/12:30AM EST)
Shaun “The Phenom” Krysa vs Sean Ragnitz
Jason Motard vs Aikeka “Prince” Ugonga
Mike Hong vs Stephane Denis
Wojtek “Kazz” Kaszowski vs Lee Mein

Show #3 — Thursday August 17th (10:00PM PST/1:00AM EST)
Jordan Jewell vs Eric Lacelle
Nabil “The Thrill” Khatib vs Ryan Gabourie
Luigi Fioravanti vs Stephan “Rudeboy” Potvin