Antwain Britt Ready to Shake Up the 185ers

November 18, 2011

After spending much of his career at light heavyweight, Antwain “Juggernaut” Britt decided it was time to try something new and moved down to middleweight to kickstart a career that’s seen inconsistency over the last couple of years.

“I didn’t realize how much I was hindered until I got down to this weight,” said Britt. “My power’s still there, but I’m so much faster, agile, and so much more free with my movement. I’m really excited to see the final product in the cage.”

Having weighed as much as 300 pounds previously, Britt used a recent year-long absence from the game to move down in weight over time rather than just do it over the span of one training camp.

“I did it the right way. I did it gradual. I didn’t just diet and cut for a fight,” he said. “I adopted a healthier way of life altogether and the cut was really easy for me.”

Britt’s first test at middleweight will come this Friday at The Palms in Las Vegas as he headlines Strikeforce Challengers 20 against up-and-comer Lumumba Sayers.

“He is a jiu-jitsu guy and he does have heavy hands, but I do want to exploit his weaknesses on the ground and on his feet,” said Britt. “I’m going to take him down and wrestle him first and foremost and use my wrestling to control him on the ground and punish him with some pressure.

“I think my striking is a little bit more sophisticated than his. If it does stay on the feet, I will be able to land some good shots to set up my takedowns. I’m going to try to impose my will, grind him out, and put him on his back.”

Britt told that because he’s now healthier all around, he should be able to put forth maximum effort over the course of the entire fight should it last all three rounds.

“If the fight goes 15 minutes then it will definitely be to my advantage,” he said. “My conditioning is very good and I’m just an all-around better fighter.”

People who think they’ve got Britt pegged should be prepared for as surprise Friday night.

“I want to remind people that I’m there for a reason. I want to show people that I’m like ‘Juggernaut 2.0’ and that I’m a totally different fighter,” he stated.

“I’m someone whose game has evolved. I spent that year off getting better. I still have the same intensity. I’ve never had a boring fight and I definitely don’t intend on starting this weekend.”

Having adopted a new lifestyle, Britt has taken a big step towards not only getting his career back on track, but making it possible for him to achieve more than he’s ever done in the sport.

“I want to be competitive with anybody,” he said. “Not only just the UFC or Strikeforce; I want to be able to get in the cage with any other fighter in the weight class and be competitive with them.

“(Luke) Rockhold is the champion in the division and I definitely want to work my way back up towards a title shot. A couple of good, really one-sided wins could allow me to come into 185 and shake things up a bit.”

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