by Ivan Canello and Ken Pishna – MMAWeekly.com
Even before Anderson Silva captured the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight belt with a brutal knockout of then champion Rich Franklin, it was clear that the friendship between Silva and the Nogueira brothers was very strong. Silva lives in Curitiba, Brazil and used to go to Nogueira’s house in Rio de Janeiro all the time to train.

After Silva won the middleweight championship, he was able to put UFC President Dana White and Nogueira in contact with each other and a contract followed shortly thereafter. On May 11th, Nogueira stated, “I received the invite to fight at the UFC when I came to the U.S. to corner Roan Jucão at UFC Fight Night. I have followed Anderson and Eddie’s [Soares, Anderson’s manager] advice to sign the contract with Dana White. So I am very happy with the situation.”

Nogueira signed the UFC contract without the help of BTT saying in an interview with Marcelo Alonso of Tatame, “I’m 30 years old and able to negotiate my own stuffs. I know what is good to me.” But he didn’t discount his training. “BTT is an excellent place for me to train.”

That was about a month ago. It appears that things have taken a downward turn since then. The next issue of Tatame will focus on the division at BTT.

Specifically addressing the situation with Nogueira, Murilo Bustamante of BTT commented to Tatame, “I am more than a month in trying to clear things up, to talk to him. If he is upset, he should come to me. This would be the right way to do things, besides that, we’ve been friends forever. He should give me a chance to clear things up in the name of our friendship.”

For his part, it appears that Nogueira isn’t in any rush to take Bustamante up on his comments. Also speaking with Tatame, Nogueira stated, “I don’t wanna talk about it. Let them talk. Murilo stated that he doesn’t know if BTT will have me back. I will let them think for a while.”

And at that, it doesn’t appear that a resolution is soon in the offing.

While there was some speculation that Nogueira may be going to the newly formed Black House team to join Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, and Ryoto Machida, among others that is not entirely clear.

According to Hywel Teague, the editor of Fighter’s Only magazine, Nogueria commented to him about BTT, “Just for this fight I been training there [Black House] but we have no problem at all. My brother has still been going there, and my friends you know, but for this fight I have been training with others. I always root for them, I like to watch Murilo’s and Mario’s fights and they give me a lot, they help me a lot in my career. ”