Anthony Pettis bet 10K on his brother Sergio Pettis to defeat Kyoji Horiguchi

Former UFC champion, Anthony Pettis, put some big money on the line over the weekend ahead of his brother, Sergio Pettis’ first title defense.

Anthony took to Twitter shortly after his brother secured a shocking KO win over Kyoji Horiguchi in a fight Sergio was surely losing. The betting slip showed a $10,000 wager with a potential payout of $27,500 if Sergio win.

Let’s hope Anthony tossed some cash his brother’s way.

Sergio was losing on the judge’s scorecards going into the fourth round and many fans had counted him out even before the fight began. But he proved the haters wrong when he landed a perfectly timed spinning back fist to drop the former RIZIN champion out cold.

“I’m beat up right now,” Pettis told reporters during the Bellator 272 post-fight press conference. “The first one through four rounds, he was getting me. He was getting me frustrated. He got me with some interesting movements, some in-and-out plays, and I had to face a lot of adversity tonight to get that finish. And it was perfect. It was beautiful.”

Sergio defended his title against the man many thought was the rightful champion.

“Once that went down, I wanted to hit him with one more shot — and I realized, oh, he’s really out,” Pettis said. “But it was just my coach [Scott] Cushman too, he was telling me to jab, jab away, and every time he’s getting thrown at, he’s giving a reaction. And I think rounds one through four is what got him comfortable exiting without really defending himself. So I threw that kick, missed, and his exit allowed me to hit that spinning back fist.”