Anthony Njokuani Returns to His Muay Thai Roots

January 30, 2017

Having spent the majority of the last several years focused on MMA, veteran lightweight Anthony Njokuani was more than happy to get a chance to get back to his roots by joining the Lion Fight promotion for his return to Muay Thai.

“I’ve been doing MMA for about nine years now,” Njokuani told “Muay Thai has always been something that I loved to do.

“I actually started out in Muay Thai, and was doing that about seven to 10 years before I switched over to MMA. It’s something I love to do and want to do as many times as I can before going back to MMA.”

Though he’s been competing in combat sports most of his life, Njokuani still feels like he has something to prove, as admittedly he has not always had the best showings in the past.

“Even though I did display a lot in World Combat League and all that, I’m still a hungry and dedicated fighter,” said Njokuani. “I’ve really got to give my fans a good showing this time around, versus what I have before.

“I really don’t want to end anything or stop anything on a streak I had before. I want to continue to work hard and rebuild my career and get back on top.”

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On Friday, Njokuani (22-0) returns to the Muay Thai ring to take on Chris Harrington (20-2) in a main card super-middleweight bout in Las Vegas, which is to be broadcast live on AXS TV.

Anthony Njokuani“Really I just have to continue doing what I’m doing,” Njokuani said. “My stand-up from what I see is on a completely different level than (Harrington’s).

“He’s more of a basic fighter. What I like to do is move a lot, change direction and all that. I’m not a straight-forward fighter like he is. I’m happy to go out there and display my Muay Thai skills with Chris Harrington.”

Looking ahead to 2017, Njokuani’s goal is rebuild himself after a rough go of things of late in MMA, and establish himself as a top tier fighter in whatever combat sport he participates in.

“My overall go is pretty much just put my career back to where it used to be,” he said. “I want to come back as a strong fighter in 2017 and give my fans a better showing and do much better this time around versus before.”

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