Anthony Garrett hopes Shamrock FC 319 win will lead to a title shot

Though heavyweight up and comer Anthony Garrett was able to pick up a win in his February bout with Cesar Gutierrez at Shamrock FC 135, he isn’t pleased with how the victory came about.

Following an admittedly rough physical go of it in the first round, Garrett was determined to end the fight in the second round by any means necessary and managed to get it done.

“It wasn’t too happy with the win,” Garrett told “After the first two takedowns I got on him I was gassed, I’m not even going to lie. Picking him up and putting him down twice at 255lbs just took it out of me. I was actually surprised by how winded I was.

“That’s why going into the second round I put my hands on my head and told my coaches that I was going to knock him out. I don’t care what it took, I was going to walk across the cage, hit him and watch him drop. I’m happy with the outcome, just not the performance.”

While adding to his family caused a loss of training time going into his last fight, Garrett has been able to get back on track with his preparations and fees better heading into his second bout of the year.

“I’ve been able to train a lot more recently,” said Garrett. “I readjusted some things in my life and was able to go back to the drawing board. My cardio is great. I’m feeling wonderful. My stand-up is getting way better. I’m definitely looking forward to putting on a show on June 8.”

On Saturday in Kansas City, Missouri, Garrett (4-1) will look to pick up his fourth stoppage in a row when he faces Jordan Mitchell (5-11) in a main card heavyweight bout at Shamrock FC 319.

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“He’s been around a long time and is kind of a journeyman of the sport,” Garrett said of Mitchell. “He’s got some wins and some losses, and not even a .500 record, but he’s been around and a lot of respect to him.

“I’m going to go in there and do what I do best. If he hits me, I’m going to take him down and beat him up. If he doesn’t land anything clean, hopefully I can land something and knock him out.”

When it comes to the second half of 2019, Garrett is looking to claim a championship and then make the step up to the next level of his career in the coming years.

“If I can beat Jordan in the way I want to, I’m hoping to get a (Shamrock FC) title shot in the next fight,” said Garrett. “If that doesn’t happen, I’ll keep fighting and winning until they give me a title shot.

“If not (a title shot), hopefully Bellator or the UFC will call and I can go fight for them or something like that. I would like to get there in the next year of two.”