Review & Photos by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com
KIDDERMINSTER, England – Marc Goddard made his return to active MMA competition in the main event of Saturday’s Angrrr Management 13 event. He finished off tough Italian wrestler Ivan Serati at 1:34 of the second round.

Serati came out strong using his big right hand to land effective blows on his opponent, but seemed content to avoid using his wrestling base being mindful of Goddard’s superior submission offense. Goddard proved to be tough and durable absorbing some punishing blows and really not finding his game in the first round, aside for some wonderful takedown throw rolls into side control.

The second round clearly showed Serati’s lack or cardio at heavyweight and that his mass/gas ratio is better at light heavyweight. Goddard had weathered the worst of the storm and brought the Italian bruiser down to the ground. Working diligently, he secured mount and began to hammer down strikes forcing Serati to give his back. Looking to put an exclamation mark on his performance, Goddard sped up the rate of his attack leaving the referee no option but to halt the punishment.

Goddard will be celebrating the win by swapping his gloves and refereeing Sunday’s Cage Warriors show. Ivan Serati will return to base to reassess before stepping up against Lee Hasdell at Cage Rage 24.

Ross Mason has never looked quite so dynamic on the ground as he did facing noted grappler Henrique Santana. He exhibited a massive improvement in submission defense and wrestling. Santana knew even before the bout that he didn’t want to test his chin with the F’s Freestyle fighter and closed with a long-range shoot straight out of the gate.

Mason and Goddard train out of the same camp and I have never understood why Mason has sometimes looked un-glued on the ground, but this was a different fighter, someone who has become comfortable in bad positions and against a continuous submission offensive from the Brazilian.

Seconds out for round two and it was clear that Santana was getting frustrated and tired having expended an inordinate amount of energy in the first trying to secure a submission. His last attempt was an ill-fated Achilles crush, one that burnt his final reserves of energy before Mason was out and on his feet, throwing haymakers. A quick combo flurry and a big cross connecting to Santana’s right eye put the Brazilian down on the canvas. Mason stepped in to finish, but was denied the pleasure as Santana forfeited the bout due to exhaustion halfway through the round.

Chris Rice faced off against another dark horse fighter from the Antonio Gym, a camp noted for Far Eastern European and Russian based fighters. Guys who are always game, but sometimes an unknown mix of skill level and determination, often easy to overlook, but sometimes a lot more than bargained for!

Case in point was this bout where Jahongir threw leather hard and completely without fear despite his opponent’s solid hands. As soon as the fight hit the ground though, the writing was on the wall and Rice landed a series of punishing forearm smashes to his opponent’s head sending reverberating thuds through the cage floor. At 2:36 in, Grant Waterman had seen enough, stopping the fight and saving the Uzbekistani fighter from serious trauma.

Przemyslaw Mysiala walked away with the only win of the night for the Brazilian Top Team by overpowering the ever game Matteo Piran on the ground. The Italian fighter was bubbling with intent, landing heavy blows on the feet and moving very well, arguably getting the best of the exchanges. But Mysiala was dominating on the mat with his ground and pound offense, almost securing a rear naked choke. Piran defended well, but upon reversing positions with the Polish fighter, found himself concentrating on triangle defense and leaving himself open to a modified armbar from the bottom for the tap.

Paul Reed defeated Alexandre Izidro in a very measured performance and chalked up a solid name fighter win to his record. Remaining composed and forcing Izidrio to abandon failed takedown attempts, he proceeded to land consistently with his left hook and straight right combinations. He kept stunning Izidro with the shots, as he never appeared to keep his right hand up high enough.

Having pulled off two solid rounds, he found himself on the back foot in the third with Izidro coming on strong, but it was too little too late and Reed walked away with the split decision win.

Izidro has fantastic submission abilities and his striking has come on immensely in recent bouts, but he just doesn’t seem to have the confidence to throw until the tail of a bout.

Former Intense Fighting promoter Jay Gilbey chalked up a split decision win over Nick Orchard following a gruelling 15-minute battle in which both fighters left everything in the cage. Gilbey seemed to remain calmer in the bout and despite looking on the verge of exhaustion at the start of every round, showed true grit and determination by pressing the action enough to secure the judges’ nod.

In semi-pro supporting action Joss Ramage defeated Nick Hipkiss with a fantastically technical display of striking thoughout the 10-minute duration of their bout. He landed combination after combination, improving his record to 2-2. A featherweight with immense potential at only 19 years of age, Ramage is one to watch in future.

Barry Mear made short work of Ross Mould via knockout at 1:32 into round one. Following a brief feeling out period, he landed a left hook, jab, cross combo that broke his opponent’s nose and put him spiralling briefly into unconsciousness.

Finally, Dean Aplin defeated Warren Kee via armbar at 3:35 of the first round. He took his opponent down early to set up the submission, not particularly subtle in the attempt, but diligent enough in pursuing the appendage to make it work. He secured the tap and marked his first semi-pro win in the cage.

Pro Rules MMA
Marc Goddard def. Ivan Serati via TKO (Strikes) at 1:34, R2
Ross Mason def. Henrique Santana via Submission (Exhaustion) at 2:30, R2
Chris Rice def. Mamarizaev Jahongir via Submission (Strikes) at 2:36, R1
Przemyslaw Mysiala def. Matteo Piran via Submission (Armbar) at 4:02, R1
Paul Reed def. Alexandre Izidro via Split Decision, R3
Mic Broster def. Samir Medjbeur via Submission (Armbar) at 1:03, R1
Jay Gilbey def. Nick Orchard via Split Decision, R3

Semi-Pro Rules MMA
Joss Ramage def. Nick Hipkiss via Majority Decision, R2
Barry Mear def. Ross Mould via KO at 1:32, R1
Dean Aplin def. Warren Kee via Submission (Armbar) at 3:35, R1