Andrew Tenneson Looking to Make Good Impression in LFA Debut

April 20, 2017

In his second round TKO victory over Jordan Titoni to kick off his 2017 in February, featherweight prospect Andrew Tenneson was able to use lessons learned in a previous bout to come out on top.

Having faced Titoni’s teammate, Adam Martinez, in his previous win in February of 2016, Tenneson was ready for what his opponent was bringing to their fight and capitalized accordingly.

“I was able to plan a lot for (Titoni’s) style,” Tenneson told “I felt like he had a lot of same treats that they offered. I ended up finishing the fight the same way (as I did against Martinez): ending up on top in the second round with ground and pound.

“There wasn’t any specific game plan really, it was just about winning in the places that I thought he would want to take the fight, and I did that.”

Being a native of New Mexico, Tenneson has been able to experience his career with the help of Jackson-Wink MMA and learn from some of the best coaches and fighters in the sport.

“It’s really humbling,” said Tenneson. “I get to see people who are the top, who are going to be at the top, who were at the top and may be moving down.

“That wealth of experience and the people are coming from all over the world to follow the dream that alone is enough to keep me going. I feel that’s a big advantage I have over someone who comes from a smaller gym.”

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Tenneson (5-1) will seek to pick up his third straight win when he makes his Legacy Fighting Alliance debut on Friday in Pueblo, Colo., against veteran Andrew Yates (9-2) in a main card 145-pound bout.

“Basically I have to try to dominate in every aspect of the game because I feel that I can and I feel that I should,” Tenneson said. “(Yates is) taller. He’s younger. I feel like he’s very talented who is a good wrestler with wins by submission and TKO. I’ve just got to bring it.

“I’m so intent on making a good impression and having a good, exciting fight for the fans. I’ve just got to be myself and do what I do.”

Moving forward, Tenneson isn’t quite sure what could be ahead for him in his MMA career, so he’s put his mind solely to Friday night and what he has to do to pick up a win against Yates.

“The fact that I started later than most fighters, I feel like everything is fight by fight,” said Tenneson. “I have this lifelong journey, but I have no idea what the possible end goal is.

“For me right now my life begins and ends with this fight. When this fight ends, I’ll have a new life and figure out what I’m going to do, but the idea now is that I’m completely focused on this fight.”

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