Andres Quintana Looking to Show That He’s King in Combate Americas Tournament

When it comes to his 2018, featherweight Andres Quintana has managed to keep the success he had built up the previous year by going undefeated so far with wins over Marco Antonio Elpidio and Erick Gonzalez for Combate Americas.

When it comes to how he has performed in his wins, Quintana feels his preparation went perfectly for both Elpidio and Gonzalez and he was more than ready for what they were bringing in the fights.

“They’ve played out kind of how I figured,” Quintana told “I knew Marco was going to try to take me down. I wanted to defend the takedown and beat him with the stand-up. I would have liked to have gotten the finish, but he was a tough guy.

“With Eric, he said he was a big stand-up fighter and was going to stand with me and all that, but he wanted a grappling exchange, so I gave him one.”

Quintana (15-2) will look to add three more wins to this year’s total when he participates in Combate America’s Copa Combate 2018 single-night eight-man 145-pound tournament on Friday in Fresno, California.

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When it comes to game planning for a tournament, Quintana is going try to balance conserving energy with his aggressiveness, and focus more on himself rather than his potential opponents, in preparation for the possibility of three bouts in one night.

“The least amount of damage I take each fight the better for me,” said Quintana. “I’m not going to give up a win just to be on the safe side, but I want to take minimal damage.

“I’ve never really focused on my opponents. My coaches do an amazing job on dissecting my opponents and telling me what I need to work on and expect for the fight. I focus on myself and have never been too worried about somebody else’s strengths.”

For Quintana, taking the Copa Combate tournament is just one step towards his goal of establishing himself as the top fighter in his weight class in Combate Americas in 2019.

“In 2019 after this tournament I will become world champion of Combate Americas,” Quintana said. “I’m sure after I win this tournament there will be no doubt who the king is.

“I’m 5-0 with Combate. At 145 pounds, guys have come to my weight class and left. There’s not much more for me to do but get my belt.”