Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz Has Not Been Ruled a No-Contest… Yet

February 7, 2015

The UFC 183 headlining bout between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz has not been ruled a no-contest.

There were several reports on Friday indicating that the bout result had already been changed from a unanimous-decision victory  for Silva and instead recorded as a no-contest result. That is inaccurate. on Friday confirmed as much with Bob Bennett, the executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission. The NAC holds jurisdiction over the sanctioning of the bout, which took place on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

Although Silva tested positive for steroids in a Jan. 9 out-of-competition drug test, the fallout from that test has yet to be fully realized.

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Silva is currently under a temporary suspension until he has a disciplinary hearing before the Nevada Athletic Commission, according to Bennett.

Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz UFC 183 kickSilva could address the commission at its Feb. 17 meeting, but does not have to address the commission that soon. He has twenty days from the written notice of his positive drug test in which to respond. So he is within his rights to respond in writing after the Feb. 17 date before having to go in front of the commission.

If that happens, the soonest Silva would have a full hearing would be at the commission’s regularly scheduled meeting in March, which has yet to be scheduled.

Once Silva’s case is presented to the commission, its five members would then determine Silva’s fate and make a determination on the result of the bout. If the positive test is upheld, it is likely that the bout would then be overturned to a no-contest result, but not before.

In the meantime, while the situation plays out, UFC president Dana White has confirmed that Silva will remain as a head coach on the fourth installment of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, which is currently in production in Las Vegas.

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