Anderson Silva Ushers in a Little Down Time at Usher Concert

Every great fighter in the world has to take time out of a busy training schedule to relax and enjoy some down time…even the best pound for pound fighter on the planet.

That’s what UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, did recently when along with manager Ed Soares and others attended an Usher concert.

“I’m actually headed over to pick up Anderson (Silva), heading out to the Usher concert right now,” Soares told MMAWeekly Radio on Wednesday.

“You wouldn’t think that we’d be going to an Usher concert but Usher and Anderson got to meet each other and Anderson’s a big fan of Usher, and as you saw in his fight against James Irvin, Usher was there in the audience watching his fight.”

The R&B superstar has sold out hundreds of arenas and sold millions of records around the world, but having the best fighter in MMA in your corner may be one of the best people to have around!