Anderson Silva UFC 162 Open Workout Culminates in Kicking Contest with Feijao (video)

AndersonSilvaUFC117_5976-SquareMany fighters that take part in the customary UFC open workouts in the days leading up to pay-per-view events don’t like to reveal much in their public workout session.

Anderson Silva, however, is not that guy. He didn’t exactly reveal his game day strategy, but he unloaded everything but the kitchen sink for UFC Fight Week fans in Las Vegas.

Silva puts his middleweight belt on the line against Chris Weidman in Saturday’s UFC 162 main event.

Silva unleashed his stunning hand-speed and vast array of unorthodox techniques in a workout that culminated in a kicking contest between him and teammate Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante. The two blasted away at a kick pad held by a training partner whom they appeared to be attempting to chop in half.

Check out Anderson Silva’s UFC 162 Open Workout from Las Vegas…

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