Anderson Silva on UFC Comeback Fight: ‘It’s Excellent for Fans, Myself, and Nick Diaz’

August 1, 2014

Anderson SilvaEver since Anderson Silva declared he wanted to fight Nick Diaz in his comeback fight, the question has consistently been: Why?

But as UFC president Dana White has said, why not?

It didn’t take much more than Silva saying he wanted it for the UFC to make it happen. As was announced earlier this week, the fight has been made. It will headline UFC 183 on Jan. 31, 2015.

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But there actually are a number of reasons for fight to make sense.

Silva and Diaz have both been out of the Octagon for an extended period of time. Both are fan magnets coming off of losses. Their fighting styles – if Silva doesn’t go all Abu Dhabi on us again – generally bring the promise of an exciting finish.

Plus, it’s just going to be an excellent fight for everyone involved, according to Silva.

“This fight is going to be excellent for fans, it’s going to be excellent for myself, and for Nick Diaz, as well,” Silva told on Friday. “We both haven’t stepped in the Octagon for quite a while. Nick Diaz is a guy that steps forward, he has great boxing skills, and he’s gonna come to fight.”

Silva admitted that his leg is at about 95-percent of where it was prior to the injury he suffered in his second consecutive loss to current champion Chris Weidman, but promised come fight time the leg would be 100-percent healthy.

During the time he’s ben recuperating, the UFC middleweight division has moved on Particularly, since Weidman, as Silva said, has proven that he is “for real” with his victory over Silva teammate Lyoto Machida.

Silva, however, is not looking beyond Diaz or letting his gaze shift back to the gold that used to be wrapped around his waist.

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“I have another seven fights on my contact. Right now, (the title) not my priority,” he said. “But it’s not out of the question. If I have the credentials to fight for the title, I will be more than glad to do it.”

For now, however, the focus is on returning to the Octagon, beating Nick Diaz, and returning to form.

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