Anderson Silva Knocked Out His Sparring Partner and Here’s the Video

January 14, 2015


If you’ve ever been in a sparring session, you know that it sometimes gets a little too heated, even if you’re doing it with your close friends. Countless black eyes, broken bones, and the all-too-often injury that cripples a UFC card to the point of wondering why the promotion didn’t just cancel the who damn thing.

As you can imagine, being a sparring partner to Anderson Silva can probably land you on that injury list, as is the case with this poor sucker that ate his knee. As Andy was preparing for his UFC 183 bout against Nick Diaz, it looks like he landed a flush flying knee and legitimately put this dude down. Others aren’t buy the idea that this is for real.

Watch for yourself and give your own take. Props to Guilherme Cruz for the Vine.

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