Anderson Silva Got TUF on Season 8 Cast

Beyond the opportunity to earn a six figure contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the fighters who make their way to the show also have the chance to train with world class coaches like B.J. Penn, Matt Serra, Tito Ortiz, Frank Mir, Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira and others.

But as seen on the most recent episode of the popular reality show, the members of Team Nogueira got the opportunity to train with the best fighter on the planet when UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva stopped by to help them train their stand-up games.

Arizona Combat Sports based fighter Ryan Bader was shown sparring with the champion during the episode and he says that Silva really is just that good.

“He’s just phenomenal, he’s just so fluid and just so loose in there and elusive, it was crazy,” said Bader recently on MMAWeekly Radio. “He’s amazing and light years above anybody else that I’ve sparred with.”

During the televised portion of the broadcast, Bader and Silva seemed to be having a pretty hardcore sparring session, with both fighters landing some pretty heavy shots.

“We were going pretty good and he was punching back and doing normally what you’d do, and the clip they showed was at the end of our workout when he was getting me a little bit and I was kind of getting frustrated so I started swinging kind of hard at him and then he kind of invited me to come and get him in a friendly manner, so that’s what you saw on TV,” Bader commented.

“I hit him pretty good a few times, but he’s got a pretty good chin, he’s hard to hit, I mean you go in there and he’s very elusive. It was just awesome getting the experience training with a fighter like that.”