Amidst Personal Turmoil, Ben Fodor Looking to Rebound at SFL America

After winning his first four pro fights, Washington welterweight Ben “Flat Top” Fodor suffered the first setback of his career when he drew with Tyson Cunningham at Super Fight League America 2 this past December.

Looking back on the fight, Fodor knows he only has himself to blame for not picking up the victory.

“What’s frustrating to me is that I had a point deduction taken from me in the third round that made it a draw; otherwise, I won the fight according to the judges,” said Fodor. “I’m more disappointed in myself. I need to be more disciplined.

“I got irritated because (Cunningham) kept taking me down and laying on me and being a blanket, and I definitely did an illegal kick. I could have gotten a warning for it, but I wasn’t shocked I got a point taken away.”

Just a few months later and Fodor is still upset with the situation.

“I really haven’t felt good about anything since. It’s been a terrible, terrible thing,” he told “The worst thing is, (Cunningham) is injured and he can’t even rematch me, so now I’m fighting another guy.

“I respect Tyson out of almost anyone I fought the most, because he stood there the longest, but I have to destroy him.”

Fodor (4-0-1) will look to get back on track at SFLA 3 on Feb. 21 in Tacoma, Wash., against someone he’s very familiar with in CJ Marsh (5-7).

“We came up in the amateurs together,” said Fodor of Marsh. “I feel like CJ is a good person. I know him, I know his wife, I know his people, but as far as skills go, I’m not stressed at all. I don’t think CJ is on my talent level at all.

“I’m going to hurt him. His coaches, his corner and he all made a bad choice (by taking this fight).”

Following a period of setbacks, Fodor is going to focus on MMA as much as he can to turn things around.

“This year just started, but this last 12 months of my life has been the worst to date,” he said. “I left my camp because in the middle of my fight with Tyson, he left my corner because he thought I wasn’t trying to get up – which is crazy – and I had a friend pass away from drowning in a fishing accident.

“The only thing that makes sense right now is fighting. It’s the only place where you get exactly what you put in.”

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