Amanda Nunes responds to Julianna Pena’s ‘first mom champ’ comments

Amanda Nunes lost her women’s bantamweight title to Julianna Pena at UFC 269 on Dec. 11. During the event’s post-fight press conference, Pena stated that she’s the first ‘mom champ’ because she gave birth to her daughter.

Nunes, who still holds the women’s featherweight title, is a mother. Her wife Nina gave birth to their daughter in September 2020.

“The UFC absolutely needs to create a new belt for me and it needs to be the ‘Baddest Mom on the Planet.’ I’m not trying to take anything away from Amanda. She’s a wonderful mother, but I gave birth to my daughter and I feel like for giving birth, I am the first mom champ,” Pena said following UFC 269.

Nunes responded to Pena’s comments via social media.

“I may not have birthed my Daughter. If I wanted to I could have. I chose to watch from the outside. After going through the IVF procedure with Nina. It was truly heartbreaking to see many women break down in the waiting room knowing they would never be able to carry their own and have to take another direction. This does not make these woman any less of a MOM than Nina or I. As a MOM champion as well, I feel this needed to be said. @venezuelanvixen,” Nunes wrote.

Julianna Pena: ‘I gave birth. I am the first mom champ’ | UFC 269 Video

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