Amanda Cooper Slams Mackenzie Dern for Missing Weight: ‘It’s a Disgrace’

Amanda Cooper has agreed to fight an overweight Mackenzie Dern at UFC 224 on Saturday, but she didn’t hold back her criticism of the famed grappler.

Cooper and Dern were supposed to meet in a strawweight bout in the middle of the UFC 224 pay-per-view main card, but instead of fighting at 116 pounds or less, they have agreed to meet at 123-pound catchweight, the weight at which Dern stepped on the scale on Friday in Rio de Janeiro.

Mackenzie Dern misses weight at UFC 224Cooper agreed to the bout after Dern didn’t come close to the 116-pound mark. She will, however, receive 30-percent of Dern’s show money, after the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission docked Dern 10 percent and the UFC negotiated an agreement to get Cooper an additional 20 percent.

Though she’ll receive compensation, Cooper didn’t hold back when she ripped into Dern following the weigh-in.

“Not shocked Mackenzie Dern missed weight, but 7.4 pounds over is a disgrace to all professionals,” Cooper later said in a statement issued via her social media. “She’s not getting out of this fight that easy. Fight is still on. ABC Nation get ready, UFC 224, strawweight vs. flyweight tomorrow night in Brazil.”

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Of Dern’s six strawweight fights, she has now missed weight for half of them.