Amanda Bell Looks to Rebound at Battle for the Border 2 Then Hopes for Invicta FC Return

Amanda Bell - Invicta FCAfter a stellar amateur career that saw her go 7-1, featherweight women’s MMA fighter Amanda “Lady Killer” Bell’s pro debut at January’s Invicta FC 4 was disappointing to say the least.

A unanimous decision loss to Tamikka Brents capped off an experience that Bell admits she wasn’t quite ready for.

“In a way, it was kind of a culture shock,” said Bell. “I hadn’t really experienced competition much in my life, so it was kind of a big step and I think it kind of psyched me out a lot more than I thought it would.

“I think a lot of it too came from the fact that I hadn’t been in the cage for almost a year, so that kind of put some doubt in my mind and my back and I tried to shake it off, and looking back it affected me a lot more than I thought it would.”

Bell acknowledges that Brents was up for the task as well.

“In the end I fought a very tough opponent who is known to destroy her opponents – most of which couldn’t get out of the first round with her – and I was able to at least take it to a decision,” said Bell. “It was a big learning experience and I gained a lot of knowledge of myself from that fight.”

In addition to adding coaches to help with her striking and strength and conditioning, Bell made the trip to San Diego to train with Liz Carmouche and her team.

Bell hopes the changes she’s made will pay off when she returns on June 1 against Charmaine Tweet at Battle for the Border 2 in Cranbrook, BC, Canada.

“Charmaine’s a Muay Thai kickboxing champion and I think I know some of the things she likes to do, but I try not to put too many thoughts in my head because this fight could go just about anywhere,” said Bell.

“I’m prepared for any stand-up she might have, any ground she might bring into it, so I just worked my angles from all sides. Overall I think strength-wise, I have more aggression than she has, but we’ll see, the fight can go either way.”

Following her bout with Tweet, Bell is looking forward to relocating to Kamloops, Canada, to join Team Mata-Leao and begin prep for what she hopes to be her return to Invicta later this year.

“I want to stay active,” said Bell. “That’s why I want to get relocated to this new gym quickly and get settled in up there and keep on training like I’ve been doing. After this fight I’m hoping to get another call from Invicta and be on the event after July.

“I’ll definitely go back down to San Diego to train with Liz and Team Hurricane Awesome because that was a great place to train; good people, hard practice, great coaching, so I’m looking forward to going back down there for a fight camp when I get on another Invicta card.”

(Photo courtesy of Ester Lin/Invicta FC)

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