by Ricardo Mendoza – MMAWeekly.com
It’s been a long time coming for Alvin Robinson as he finally makes his UFC debut on Saturday night against The Ultimate Fighter alumni Kenny Florian. Robinson has built up an impressive resume en route to his UFC debut, coming in with an 8-1 record in MMA including several titles to his credit. Robinson is the current Ring of Fire Lightweight and Featherweight Champion haven defeated UFC veteran Luke Caudillo for the lightweight title and in his last fight defeating Ollie Bradstreet to become the featherweight champion.

With that win, Robinson earned himself a shot in the UFC as he was slated to face off with Roger Huerta at UFC 69. Unfortunately he was forced to pull out of the fight due to a knee injury, putting his big show debut on hold until Saturday where he faces the biggest test of his young career in Kenny Florian.

“I tore my knee in my last fight and I was unable to fight Roger Huerta, but I’m now 100% and ready to fight.”

Robinson has a strong ground game having wrestled in high school and college before moving on to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. “I started doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and became a quick learner. I got my blue belt in three months, my purple belt in a year and finally my brown belt in three years. All of my promotions have been under Royce Gracie, too.”

All of Robinson’s eight wins have come by the way of submission, so he will no doubt be relaxed if the fight goes to the ground.

When asked about fighting in the stacked UFC lightweight division, Robinson expressed his optimism fighting alongside the likes of Spencer Fisher, Tyson Griffin and Hermes Franca. “I’m really excited about being in the middle of the division. I feel that it’s the best division out there and I’m excited about fighting all the top guys to prove that I belong as one of the best.”

When asked whether or not the spotlight of the UFC would affect him on Saturday night, Robinson made no excuses. “A fight is a fight, whether there are three thousand people or twenty thousand, you got to go in and fight. I’m really happy that they gave me a tough fight because I want to prove that I’m one of the top guys.”

Robinson is ready to fight wherever the fight goes, even though most expect him and Florian to end up on the ground because of their strong ground games, but he is more then prepared to fight whether it takes place. “I’m prepared to stand-up and bang or go to the ground. I’ve got to be prepared in the stand-up, on the ground and my wrestling, no matter who I am fighting.

“Kenny has improved a lot in his last fights, in his last fight his stand-up looked really good,” said a complimentary Robinson.

When asked about his stand-up, he let it be known that he is not only a ground fighter but also a complete fighter. “I’ve got good stand-up. Its just that right now no one has been able to stop my submissions, so if Kenny is able to do that you guys will be able to see that I have really good stand-up. I train with pro boxers on a regular basis and kickboxers, so I’m excited to showcase my stand-up as well.”

When finally asked what he believes he does better then Kenny Florian, he was fully confident that he is the better fighter of the two. “I feel that I’m better overall. He’s got good stand-up, but I feel that my stand-up is good. My wrestling is good. I can fight anywhere with anybody, I feel that I kick and punch and wrestle with anybody or go to the ground with anybody. I’m ready to go to war with anybody.”

Win or lose Robinson will no doubt look to impress and try to prove that he indeed belongs with the top lightweights in the world in the UFC.