by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
At the end of the International Fight League season last year, the promotion had many decisions to make in regards to the future. Teams, coaches and fighters alike were either removed to trim down the company’s roster, or some left of their own accord to go elsewhere.

Among those who decided to leave voluntarily was one of the promotion’s standout successes over the last couple seasons, former Seattle Tigersharks light-heavyweight Allan Goes.

Once thought to be out of the sport after turns in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Pride, Goes returned better than ever in the IFL, winning three of four fights for the promotion, showcasing strong striking skills to complement his already formidable Brazilian Jiu-jitsu skills.

“Right now I’m just focused on the gym,” he said of his activities since parting ways with the IFL late last year. “I just opened a nice facility for jiu-jitsu and MMA in Orange County. It’s not specifically for fighting, it’s for everything, MMA, kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, boxing – everything.

“The gym is going very well right now and we have a lot of new kids coming up, and I’ve just been focusing on training them and myself for next time (I fight), and focusing on the gym since the IFL season is over. I’m pretty much free right now and ready to begin (fighting this) year.”

Goes explained his departure from the IFL as amicable, due to the fact that he simply wanted to expand his career and focus on his gym.

“I had a great year in the IFL and they treated me really well, like family, but after this (past season) I went on my own and looked to do different things other than the team concept,” he stated.

“With the team (Seattle Tigersharks) I had obligations to stay in Washington to train and stuff, and for me it’s very hard when I have a gym down here in Orange County, Calif. So that is why I (had to) step out and do my own thing now.”

With his new gym up and running, Goes now looks forward to returning to the ring and continuing the success he’s had over the past two years.

“I’m looking forward to fighting, definitely,” he exclaimed. “I defeated pretty much everybody (in the IFL), and nobody saw Allan Goes knocking people out (before).

“I was right there proving my skills. I got a lot better in my stand-up, knocking people out, and putting my combinations together.”

Now that he’s ready to return to fighting, Goes has set his focus on winning an individual championship, and has one titleholder affixed firmly in his sights.

“I was looking at Doug (Marshall) because he holds the title in (World Extreme Cagefighting),” he said. “I think he’s a great athlete, has great potential, is a very good champion, but I don’t see him facing somebody of my caliber yet.

“If he faces someone with my caliber, I guarantee he’s gonna have a lot of trouble. Like I said, he’s a great champion, but I don’t see him facing some veteran, like me, that can really put him to a challenge. I know I can put him through a challenge and do well.”

Should Marshall not get past Brian Stann in their scheduled title fight in the WEC on March 26, Goes says he’s open to fighting anywhere, as long as he gets an opportunity to win a belt.

“Right now I’m open, I don’t have a contract with any organization,” commented Goes. “I have all the titles of jiu-jitsu, and right now I want to have a title of mixed martial arts.

“I believe that I’m a man that did a lot for the sport, and right now my goal is to win a title. WEC, Strikeforce, HDNet, anywhere, I want to fight for a title.”

After proving he has more than enough gas left in his tank with his success in the IFL, Goes is eager to begin the next chapter in his career, a chapter he hopes will culminate with a gold belt around his waist.

“Definitely keep your eyes open for me this year,” he said in closing. “Last year I had knockouts, it was a lot of fun, but I’m going to start taking guys to the ground and I promise a lot of choke outs. Don’t miss it, it’s going to be fun this year, and I can’t wait to see who is next.”

“I want to thank my sponsors RVCA, Rooca and Hurly. I would also like to thank our soldiers, not just in Iraq, but all over the world. I would like everyone to visit my website www.AllanGoes.tv for all the information on my new gym.”