All Drug Tests Come Back Negative for 6 Fighters at UFC 134 in Brazil

September 15, 2011

Anderson Silva at UFC 117

Anderson Silva at UFC 117

Brazil may not have a standardized athletic commission overseeing MMA, but the UFC did their own drug testing for UFC 134, which took place in August.

According to a report by UFC vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner, in an email to, it was confirmed that six fighters were tested for the show, and all the athletes’ tests came back negative.

Main event fighters Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami along with four other random tests administered by UFC officials all came back negative.

The drug testing covered performance enhancing drugs as well as drugs of abuse like cocaine and marijuana.

The UFC handles testing on their own accord when they promote shows in areas with no athletic commission to oversee MMA in a particular area.

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