Aljamain Sterling responds to T.J. Dillashaw: ‘Who TF have you beaten?’

In an interview with ESPN, former two-time UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw took aim at current titleholder Aljamain Sterling, and Sterling responded.

Dillashaw said that Sterling wasn’t ‘champion caliber,’ and that he viewed a fight between the two as an ‘easy fight.’ Dillashaw also discredited Sterling as a champion.

“He’s good, don’t get me wrong,” Dillashaw said of Sterling. “He’s got some attributes. He wouldn’t be where he is without being good, but he’s definitely not champion caliber. The guys that I’ve fought already in the past [are] much better than he is, a lot more dangerous. There’s no danger fighting Sterling.”

Sterling, of course, took offense to Dillashaw’s comments and responded via social media.

“Who TF have you beaten that is soOoOoo much tougher than the guys I’ve faced,” Sterling wrote. “This is Comedy Central. You should do stand up with @HenryCejudo. He’s your daddy, after he sonned your needled ass.”

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While Sterling’s next opponent hasn’t been officially chosen yet, Dillashaw is certainly a frontrunner. The two getting into an exchange on social media doesn’t exactly hurt promoting the potential matchup.