Alexis Davis Proving that She Belongs Among Strikeforce Title Contenders

September 18, 2011

Alexis Davis finishing Amanda Nunes

Alexis Davis finishing Amanda Nunes

After a solid Strikeforce debut in July where she defeated Julie Kedzie via unanimous decision, Alexis Davis stepped things up against Amanda Nunes recently at Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Kharitonov, picking up a third-round TKO.

“Amanda’s the perfect fighter for me to fight because she’s so aggressive and forward like I am,” said Davis. “It made for a great, exciting fight.

“I was able to capitalize on her having this nice long range in there, and me getting in there as close as I can. I think that was the big difference between me winning or losing the fight.”

Davis told that she hopes that by finishing Nunes, she’s made herself stand out even more to the promotion.

“I really think that I was showing Strikeforce that I could fight with such top fighters such as Amanda,” she said. “Having a back-and-forth fight, I’ve had great complements by tons of people on how well we both did.

“I think it was one of the most explosive fights of the night, and it’s only going to bring me more opportunities in the future.”

Alexis Davis

Alexis Davis

Davis does take the fact that she was called to participate in back-to-back shows as a sign that the promotion is rewarding her for her efforts.

“With this main card and these huge fights on there, it seems like they’re really helping me out, helping my career move forward and it shows they have a lot of faith in me,” she said.

If Davis continues to perform as she has, it could be only a matter of time before she works her way towards much wanted title contention.

“I’m really hoping to have that opportunity, because that’s our main goal, to have that title shot,” said Davis. “Hopefully that does come within a good timeframe in there, (if not) within the year or at the beginning of next year that I’ll have another fight coming up.

“As much as I have enough time (to prepare and) to put on a good performance for Strikeforce and the fans out there, I’m willing to do it.”

Going two for two in Strikeforce so far, Davis has quickly proven she is indeed someone to keep an eye out for in the coming year.

“I’d like fans to check out my Twitter @AlexisDavisMMA, and thank them for all their support,” she concluded. “To have so many fans out there supporting women’s MMA is great, and who knows, maybe the next step will be into the UFC.”

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