Alexander Volkanovski excited for fans to see another side of him on “The Ultimate Fighter”

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski is not the type of fighter to say or do things for a headline.

As a result, fans of the sport have not gotten to see a more charismatic, unfiltered side of Volkanovski.

But with the featherweight champion set to debut as a coach alongside no. 2 ranked featherweight contender Brian Ortega in the 29th installment of “The Ultimate Fighter”, fans will get to see Volkanovski through a completely different lens.

“No one would say I’m looking for drama or anything like that. But in saying that, to be honest with you, obviously we have these conversations usually before fights and all that. That’s what I like about this, the fact that they’re going to see a whole different side,” Volkanovski said to ESPN. “If you ask me a question about my fight. I’m gonna just answer it. You know, there’s not gonna be any– I was about to swear. There ain’t gonna be any, you know, I ain’t gonna push no narratives, I ain’t gonna do nothing. I’m gonna answer the question, just who I am. I’m not going to talk trash for no reason if the trash isn’t there. So that’s the type of guy I am. 

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“But being stuck in the house with someone for however long it’s gonna be, while we’re pranking each other, stirring each other up. It’s friendly now, I’ll be honest. But I can’t say we’ll be friendly later.”

Season 29 of “The Ultimate Fighter” is set to debut June 1, and will be exclusively broadcasted on ESPN+.