Alexander Gustafsson Calls Out Luke Rockhold While Waiting for His Teammate Daniel Cormier

February 13, 2018

Alexander Gustafsson can’t get a fight with Daniel Cormier right now so he’ll take the next best thing — his teammate and close friend Luke Rockhold.

On Tuesday, Gustafsson unleashed a call out aimed at Rockhold while taking a couple of shots at the former middleweight champion after he mentioned that he was planning a move up to 205 pounds in the future.

Rockhold was just knocked out by Yoel Romero this past weekend, which Gustafsson addresses in his message while suggesting that a fight between them will keep him busy until he can compete for the light heavyweight championship after Cormier is done with his next bout against Stipe Miocic.

“Luke Rockhold — your teammate is holding my division hostage, and you think there are only easy fights at light heavyweight,” Gustafsson wrote. “If you think Romero hits hard, then wait till you come to the big boys.

“I want Daniel Cormier and knocking you out will keep me warm in the meantime. Beware of coming up in weight because I will be standing at the front door waiting.”

Gustafsson has been frustrated ever since hearing the news that Cormier would be moving up to heavyweight to challenge Miocic for his title in July at UFC 226 while he was the logical next contender in line for the 205-pound title.

While it seems like he would be waiting until at least the latter part of 2018 to fight for the title, Gustafsson is more than happy to give Rockhold a rude welcome to the light heavyweight division if he’s ready to try out a new weight class following his recent 1-2 stint at 185 pounds.