September 12, 2006

by Lee Whitehead, MMAWeekly.com
Alex Reid is a fighter predominantly known in the UK circles, but the charismatic Brit is starting to attract marquee fights in the Cage Rage promotion, and his performances are attracting the attention of international promotions.

Reid is currently scheduled to fight Miletich team member Tony Fryklund at the Cage Rage show on September 30th. I managed to catch up with Reid following a grueling training session at the London Shootfighters stable…

MMAWeekly: You were originally scheduled to fight Mark Weir for the third time. How did the [Tony] Fryklund fight come about?

Alex Reid: Get this, I was originally offered Ninja [Murilo Rua], but since Weir is back fighting here, he refused the third fight with me and ended up with the Ninja fight. I would have liked to have fought Weir again, but he doesn’t want to fight me. They then offered me Fryklund, who is a tough guy. He has fought some really tough guys and hasn’t really had the best of luck, but he is coming of the back of a couple of wins. I am looking forward to it.

MMAWeekly: Do you think you will ever get the third match with Weir?

Alex Reid: Pfff, Weir doesn’t want the fight. I like Weir and I support him when he fights but fighting is a business and I want that title. There has been a lot of shit on the internet forums about comments Weir has made about London Shootfighters and that he thinks his camp [Range Fighting] is a better one – if you don’t like someone then fine but don’t slag a whole camp. And on top of that you have Matt Ewin out there talking shit trying to get another fight with me as well, and he’s one of Weir’s guys. With Weir I lost the first fight then they stopped the second on a cut. I will get that fight and I want that title [Cage Rage British Middleweight Title].

MMAWeekly: Do you think that if you beat Fryklund and he gets past Ninja, the title fight will happen?

Alex Reid: When I beat Fryklund and if he beats Ninja, then yes, it has to happen. I want that title…

MMAWeekly: Realistically, with Weir getting ever closer to 40, how much longer do you think he has left in him?

Alex Reid: You know, that’s a really interesting question. Maybe a couple of years, if that. Like I said, I like watching Weir fight, but I recently saw the [Denis] Kang fight and it really opened my eyes. Kang really showed [Weir’s] vulnerabilities. Then I heard Weir at Contenders and it just makes me think about how much he wants this anymore.

MMAWeekly: So looking at it, with Matt Ewin talking smack, what incentive is there for you to fight him when you’re being offered guys like Fryklund, Daijiro Matsui, Dave Menne, and Ninja?

Alex Reid: Exactly! There isn’t, and it makes me annoyed… that guy is a plonker. He goes around saying all this shit, yet I beat him once already. He wants another match, but the same thing will happen. Weir is the fight I want, not Ewin. The funny think is when I was in Thailand I saw [Ewin’s] last fight on TV along with the rest of the world seeing him get his ass beaten up! I love that fact, that everyone in the world saw it.

MMAWeekly: So what were you doing in Thailand?

Alex Reid: I teach MMA over there in the Tiger MMA academy, so I kinda took a bit of a holiday and trained the MMA class out there. I was there for three months.

MMAWeekly: Moving on to the Fryklund fight, do you think he will try and follow the pattern of your last fights?

Alex Reid: Well, Fryklund is predominantly a brawler, a tenacious scrapper. I know he’s tough and I know he trains out of the Miletich camp. He knows submissions, but I see him coming in for a scrap and I see me landing vicious leg kicks all the way.

MMAWeekly: Do you think reach will be an advantage?

Alex Reid: I have a better reach, but he is a real brawler. I don’t wanna get into a brawl with him. I have prepared for every eventuality, but I want to pick him apart with superior technique and overwhelm him completely.

MMAWeekly: You don’t think he will come in and just try to put you on your back?

Alex Reid: Well, the Menne fight highlighted that I needed to modify my training. I mean, I landed way more damage on him. He was f—ed at the end of the fight! The thing being that fights are scored more on position, and that’s how Menne was fighting, looking for the takedown and scoring points. I was landing way more shots and at three separate occasions in the fight, I threw my hands to the side to try and get the ref to stand us back up. He wasn’t doing much. I was trying to rope-a-dope… Right at the end of the fight, I landed three solid shots, a knee and two punches. The bell went, and I was like, “Mother f—er, if I would have had maybe 10, 15, 30 seconds more I could’ve finished that fight, but it just wasn’t my day!

MMAWeekly: I know you had interest for TUF 3 but were fighting that same weekend (Daijiro Matsui). Have you had any further UFC dealings since they announced European expansion plans?

Alex Reid: Not with the UFC, but I have been in contact with K-1 Heros. I was offered a choice of two fights with them by Paul Hommesey. Basically, he called me up and asked if I could fly to Tokyo to square off with either Carlos Newton or Melvin Manhoef. The notice was too short to make $10K revenue worthwhile. I mean, I thought, “F–k it, I am interested, I’ll get in there and fight anyone.” I am sure that every fighter says this, but when I feel on top of my game, I really feel I can beat anyone. But in the end I didn’t want to ruin my chances of putting on a great fight because of the short notice to get prepared. The funny thing is this isn’t the first time with K-1 anyway, as I was there for the Vegas tryouts at the Mirage Casino Hotel.

MMAWeekly: Finally, looking at the life of an MMA fighter in the UK, is it financially viable?

Alex Reid: The money could definitely be better. I mean, it’s not cheap to train. The guys at Shoot are great, but I live 40 miles away from them… petrol, food, all that stuff comes into it, but I run my own business anyway and that’s how we do it. I train MMA and personal training at Reidinator Vale Tudo [laughs]… kind of like Ruas Vale Tudo, but with the Reidinator…

MMAWeekly: Alex, great speaking to you. Best of luck against Fryklund.

Alex Reid: Cheers, man.