by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
Heading into this past Wednesday’s WEC event in Las Vegas, veteran welterweight fighter John Alessio was looking to win his third fight in a row after a disappointing loss to WEC 170-pound Champion Carlos Condit earlier this year.

Over the course of three rounds, Alessio dominated a game and very resilient Todd Moore, handing him his first ever loss, en route to a unanimous decision victory.

“It felt great to get the win,” said John of Wednesday’s fight. “I tried like hell to finish this guy off, with submissions, punches – I mean the best world I can come up for with this guy is “durable’ – he was just that hard to finish.”

“I tried as hard as I could to break the fight, but overall I was happy with the performance. I didn’t feel like I was in danger at any point in the fight, so I’m happy.”

As Alessio explains, the work he put in during training for the fight at the Xtreme Couture gym paid off in a major way in the fight.

“We knew he was a southpaw, you know I worked a lot of right hands for this fight, uppercuts and hooks,” commented John.

“Normally I’m known as a big jabber, but I realized with a southpaw that the jab isn’t the most effective punch. So I worked with Shawn Tompkins on lead right hand combinations and stuff like that, and it seemed to work pretty good.”

With the win Alessio looks to have fortified his position as the WEC’s top contender in the welterweight division, with a title shot possibly coming sometime next year.

“That’s three straight wins,” exclaimed John. “My very first fight (of the winning streak) with the Russian (Alex Serdyukov) which was a rematch, they deemed it as the Number One contender match, and I’ve cut two straight wins since then. So, yeah, definitely I’m looking for my rematch with Condit.”

When questioned whether or not he’d be willing to take another fight in the WEC prior to a rematch with Carlos Condit, perhaps with another of the promotion’s top 170-pound fighters such as Brock Larson, Alessio seems more than willing to do whatever it takes to get to his ultimate goal of a title shot.

“I’m kind of the guy with the mindset of, if you put a challenge in front of me, I’m going to take it,” explained John. “I don’t duck (fighters), or ask for any specific (match-ups), I’d just like my title shot, but if someone has to get beat up first in the way of that, fine.”

“The whole thing with Brock Larson is, I’ve gone on a win streak and built myself back up since I lost to Condit, and well he hasn’t done shit since he lost to Condit. So why should he get to fight me, the Number One contender right off the bat? I think he needs to get back to the drawing board and fight a couple other contenders before he can earn a shot at me.”

Loss to Condit aside, Alessio is very pleased with how his year turned out both in his fights and preparations for them.

“I went four wins and one loss, five fights in one year, all in the WEC, all big profile fights, so it’s been an absolutely great year,” reflected John. “The WEC has been really good to me, so I’m really happy.”

“I’m on a streak, I have a lot of confidence, and I have a great team behind me. I made the move at the beginning of this year to Xtreme Couture and I feel like every day I’m getting better and better.”

Alessio further hopes to keep things going right on into the New Year.

“I’m going to keep this streak alive,” stated John. “I don’t plan on losing. I had an overall really successful year; I’m going to keep it going and keep riding this wave.”

“Keep a lookout for me, I’ll be in the WEC, taking names and kicking ass. Big thanks to United By Lending mortgage company for sponsoring me; Tapout; Dr. Shaw Chiropractic; REO Cashflow; Couture Nutrition; all the guys at Xtreme Couture’s gym, thanks for helping me out and getting ready for this; and thanks to my family.”